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The Accident

It was late morning on a picture-perfect July day on Martha’s Vineyard in 2016 when Noelle Lambert’s life changed forever. One minute, the first-time Vineyard visitor was driving a rental moped to the Aquinnah beaches with her best friend on the back. The next minute, she was lying on Barnes Road, in the wake of a collision with a dump truck, realizing the severed leg in the road was her own. It was an accident scene that left even the most seasoned first responders shaken.

The Athlete

In a twist of fate, Noelle was an outstanding athlete before the accident, having just completed her freshman season on the UMass Lowell lacrosse team. She’s still part of that team, and was back on the field in February, when the season began. “My Summer goal was to get back in shape,” she said. “Ever since I got my running leg, I’ve been surprising myself. I cut better on my [prosthetic] leg than I do on my other one. I don’t even think about it anymore.”

The Born To Run Foundation™

The Born To Run Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) She said the accident has given her a new focus for her future, and she’s created the Born to Run Foundation™, a nonprofit that is dedicated to provide child amputees with a specific prosthetic that will allow them to run again. “I’m starting off with kids who’ve gone through what I’ve gone through,” she said. “Nobody realizes how expensive prosthetics are. I’ve been really lucky; I’ve had a couple foundations help me. We will help kids as well as adults that have to navigate through this new phase of life.”